The importance of food additives in every field

First, in food and beverage

1. Biscuit: Produce biscuits. If you do not add edible leavening agents, such as ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate, which produce ammonia and carbon dioxide gas, the biscuits produced will not be loose and hard. Without food flavor, there is no appetite.

2, beverage: the production of soy milk and orange juice drinks, etc., if you do not add stabilizers, etc., will produce precipitation, mistakenly thought it has deteriorated. Glass bottles and plastic bottled beverages that are not or difficult to autoclave will deteriorate if no preservatives are added. Canned food and beverage can be sterilized at high temperature, so no preservatives need to be added; carton-packed beverages are instantaneously sterilized and aseptically filled, so no preservatives are needed.

3, high-moisture foods: such as candied fruit, jelly, mustard, chili sauce, peanut butter and glass bottled steamed buns, etc., if you do not add preservatives, it will deteriorate after a few days. The production of jelly, if not used as a coagulant such as gelatin or sodium alginate, will not solidify into a translucent jelly.

4, cold drinks: If you do not use emulsifiers and thickeners, the resulting ice cream and popsicles, there will be oil and water separation, ice particles, so that the taste is not delicate.

5, seasoning: soy sauce without the use of preservatives, do not deteriorate in two weeks. No caramel color, it doesn’t look good.

6, milk powder, if you do not add anti-caking agents and other food additives, when the milk powder is prepared, it is not easy to dissolve, it will start a group, such as many brands of domestic milk powder, it takes a few minutes to dissolve. When the imported milk powder is poured into the water, the milk powder is well dispersed and dissolves quickly. It is called instant milk powder, which means that the food additive is at work.

7. Lawei: If the sausage does not add sodium nitrite as a food additive, the color is not good, it is easy to deteriorate, and there is no unique flavor of sausage. This additive is the most side-effect of all food additives. And so far, food additives that have not had the same effect but have fewer side effects have replaced it.

8. Bean products: yuba is available and can be produced without food additives. The country allows a small variety of food additives for use in yuba. Many people in the society still lack food safety knowledge. Buying yuba prefers to choose good colors. Therefore, in order to cater to these people, producers put some edible bleaching agents. As long as they are not used excessively, it is okay to not abuse them. There is no problem with health and it is safe. Edible bleaching agent used in yuba, dissolved in water will decompose to produce a gas to bleach, humus in the drying and drying process, most of this gas is volatilized, residual sodium ions in yuba , that is, sodium ions in the salt used for cooking.

Yuba, produced without the use of food additives, is the most popular among consumers who understand food hygiene. With the increase of people’s health awareness and the increase of food hygiene knowledge, yuba without food additives will become more and more popular, and producers’ profits will be better.

Second, in health products and medicines

1. Tablets: There are edible additives such as magnesium stearate. If no additives are added, the pressed tablets are not smooth and smooth, and the raw material powder has poor fluidity. It is difficult to smoothly flow from the raw material bucket and fill the mold. As a result, the component is insufficient, or it is difficult to come out of the mold and so on.

2, capsules: capsules are made with edible gelatin, and gelatin is made from protein extracted from cowhide, bovine bones, etc. There are food colorings, preservatives, etc. in the capsules. If the preservatives are not added, the capsules will not deteriorate without the raw material powder.

3, cream and water: such as cod liver oil, cough water and Chuanbei cream, if you do not add preservatives, did not put a few days on the deterioration.

4, vitamin AD and vitamin E pills, if you do not add antioxidants, do not need oil for a few months. Because it is dissolved in edible oil to make pills.

Third, hanging white blocks, borax, melamine and formaldehyde are chemical raw materials, not food additives. It is illegal for individual food producers to use these chemical raw materials in the food production process.

Fourth, the principle of using food additives:

1. Under the conditions permitted by the National Food Safety Law, if food quality is not used under the premise of ensuring the quality of food, do not use it; if it is used less, it will be used less, so that not only the production cost is reduced, but also the health of people. Also better. The use of food additives in accordance with the requirements of the Food Sanitation Law is safe for human health and is safe.

2. Our government departments are very responsible for the health of the people. The food additives currently allowed to use are far less than those in the developed countries in the West. Many foreign food additives can be used, and it has been confirmed for many years without any objections and side effects. Be cautious, for the health of the people, the government departments do not easily allow domestic enterprises to use.

We have developed a new product more than 20 years ago, and we can’t solve the problem with the domestic food additives. Later, we learned that the developed countries in the West have already used some kind of food additives through English data, so we bought a small amount to do the test successfully. In order to be able to produce new products on the market, we report to the local health management department, hoping that they will apply to the provincial and health authorities for approval to use the kind of food additives that have been used in the West. Our new product has never been produced and sold. After more than 20 years, we have finally seen the list of food additives approved by the Ministry of Health, including the food additives mentioned above.

3. Among all the food additives, Monascus pigment is the best, that is, the rice glutinous rice wine is used in rural areas, and the red rice is used to adjust the wine into red. It can be used not only as a pigment additive, but also has no side effects, and also has health care functions: It has hypolipidemic and hypotensive effects.

4. Among the food additives, there is a large class called nutritional fortifiers, such as: vitamins A, D, E, B and C. Calcium gluconate for calcium supplementation in middle-aged and elderly people, and so on.

5. Abuse of edible additives is that many medicines and health care products should not be added with food coloring, such as capsules, tablets, medicines and health products, and they are not handicrafts that people appreciate. There is no need to make colorful. Of course, some factories add a large amount of food coloring to produce capsules, which is purposeful.

From the above, the use of food additives in various industries can be seen, without food additives, there is no development of food and beverage, health care products and the pharmaceutical industry. The correct use of food additives is beneficial and harmless. The use of food additives not only makes our foods good in color, aroma and taste, but also makes foods difficult to deteriorate, making us blessed to taste the delicious foods all over the world.

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